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Mustard Flowers

I am a fully accredited Life Coach, Child and Youth counsellor and NLP practitioner.


My aim is to support you while you navigate the emotional and practical turmoil of separation and divorce. Together we will look at strategies for minimising costs, reducing emotional pain, managing conflict and speeding up the recovery process.

Problem focused strategies. By prioritising and mapping practical steps, establishing short and long term goals we enable you to regain control of your life and make informed decisions about your future.

Emotion focused strategies. Using holistic integrated therapy for coping with emotional turmoil. Examining survival, trauma, acceptance and letting go, change and transition, being overwhelmed, loss and grief, panic, stress and anxiety, loss of confidence, jealousy and resentment and guilt and betrayal. Our aim is to establish an equilibrium and maintain an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle.

Communication. I specialise in techniques aimed at conflict resolution, negotiation and how best to interact with a spouse. How to increase collaboration , decrease conflict, set healthy boundaries and co-parent effectively. How to rebuild channels after communication has broken down, and also how to deal with narcissistic personalities.


Co-Parenting. I offer guidance on how to create an amicable co-parenting relationship with your former spouse in order to attend to

your children’s needs in this new familial landscape. Our aim is that you both work together consistently to accelerate the healing process and ensure a nurturing and safe environment.



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